Biography - Rev. Maurice D. Winley

Maurice D. Winley is third-generation minister who carries on the legacy of his family. He has been active as a youth development specialist with 16 years of experience working with youth and families. He has worked with the full spectrum of youth in various systems, and settings.

As a sought-after consultant on youth initiatives with various community based organizations in the Greater New York City area, Rev. Winley has worked with several nationally and internationally based organizations such as Worldvision, Youth for Christ, Navigators, and has served a term as Vice President of the National Chaplains Association for Youth at Risk.

Rev. Winley currently serves as the Youth Pastor, at the Soul Saving Station Church, located in Harlem, N.Y., Chaplain for St. Christopher's Inc, an adolescent residential treatment facility serving NYC youth, located in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y, and is a newly appointed Board member of the 125th St. Business Improvement District, where he is establishing a youth initiative.

A dynamic communicator, Rev. Winley believes that the core of his passion and insights for youth and families, especially young men, comes from his own personal experiences as a teenager, which he shares powerfully at every opportunity.

Rev. Winley is happily married to his childhood sweetheart Samantha Winley, and is the proud father of his son, Maurice Winley Jr.


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"A gifted, compassionate, and dedicated speaker."
- Dr. Robert Mayer, CEO, St. Christopher's Inc.


"Rev. Winley possesses extraordinary counseling skills which he uses with both individual students and groups of students..."
- Edward Placke, Ed. D., Superintendent of Schools


"A captivating speaker, champion for young men, and a powerful advocate for youth."
- Dr. Jospeh L. Tait, President & Elisa Moore, Director of Special Projects, Harlem Commonwealth Council, Inc.


"Rev. Winley's story is a modern-day Prodigal Son. As such, Reverend Winley speaks with authenticity and relevance to both youth and adults about the lure and false promises of the streets. He is a bridge builder between generations because Reverend Winley understands the struggles within the adolescent soul but also their needs and dreams. Reverend Winley is a constant consultant for me on men’s issues, marriages, and mentoring boys. His ministry is not only about inspiration, but impact. Reverend Winley provides both a message of hope and fresh strategies to reach youth."
- Minister Onorio Chaparro, Director, Maturity Division & International Christian Brotherhood, Christian Cultural Center


"A strong brother that has no problem showing compassion and and sharing his vulnerability. America is blessed to have an exemplar like Rev Maurice D. Winley..."
- Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt, Founder & CFO, Strategic Destiny


"Reverend Maurice Winley is a celestial gift ‐‐ a kind of north star sent from God to eradicate darkness everywhere and illuminate new paths to hope."
- Derek H. Suite, M.D. Founder & Chairman, Full Circle Life Enrichment Center, Inc.


"In every generation God raises up men and women who have unusual insight into the needs of people and uncommon power to communicate God's Word to His people and to those who are not yet in the Kingdom. Such power comes from an inner life that is plugged into Jesus and an outer life that shows the world a clear picture of God's will and His way. Rev. Maurice Winley is such a man, minister, leader and speaker. I strongly recommend him to you as one in touch with God, His message and the realities of the world around us."
- Eddie Broussard, Senior Vice President, The Navigators